How to Use Your Pressure Cooker as a Bain Marie - dummies

How to Use Your Pressure Cooker as a Bain Marie

Imagine your pressure cooker as an enclosed bain marie that cooks up to 70 percent faster than your oven. Bain marie is French for “hot water bath.” A traditional bain marie bakes certain desserts at a moderately high temperature, because the cake pan or baking pan sits in a larger pan of simmering water.

You can turn your pressure cooker into a bain marie:

  1. Place a trivet or steamer plate into your pressure cooker.

    Purchase a 6- to 7-inch round, wire, metal cooling rack that has legs if your pressure cooker didn’t come with a trivet or steamer plate.

  2. Add water to the pressure cooker.

    Be sure to leave room for the pan.

  3. Cover the bottom and sides of a 7-inch springform pan with one sheet of aluminum foil.

    You don’t want to run the risk of water leaking into the pan.

  4. Place the the dessert you’re cooking in the pan and cover the top with aluminum foil.

    Covering it prevents your baked good from getting a wet top.

  5. Fold a 24-inch length of aluminum foil in half, lengthwise, and center the pan on it.

    This sling makes it easier to position and later remove the pan from the pressure cooker.

  6. Holding the ends of the sling, carefully lower the pan into the pressure cooker.

    You fold the ends of the sling down on top of the pan of food.

  7. Place the lid on the pot, and lock it; cook, according to your recipe.

  8. To remove the cooked pan of food, carefully pull up on the ends of the sling.

    Remove the pan from around the dessert and allow the baked good to cool to room temperature before refrigerating it overnight.