How to Keep the Garbage Disposal in Top Shape - dummies

How to Keep the Garbage Disposal in Top Shape

A home cook can find a garbage disposal very handy. Garbage disposals, grind up the food that goes down the drain. You probably don’t need a garbage disposal if all you eat are frozen dinners and take-out, but if you’re always peeling, chopping, and wiping counters of the residue from cooking a good meal, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a garbage disposal.

You can do some basic garbage-disposal maintenance to keep it grinding at its best:

  • Grind up a few orange or lemon peels every so often. These peels keep your garbage disposal smelling good.

  • Grind up a tray of ice cubes once in a while to keep blades sharp.

  • Once a month, pour 1/2 cup baking soda down the drain, followed by 1 cup of white vinegar. When the baking soda stops foaming, rinse with hot water. This helps clean out the disposal.

  • Avoid putting these things into the sink disposal: corn husks, artichokes, and other fibrous material; glass; metal; bleach and drain cleaners.

  • Use cold water, not hot, while running the unit. Hot water will melt fat and grease and then congeal, clogging up the works.