Using Mind Mapping Tips for Creative Thinking - dummies

Using Mind Mapping Tips for Creative Thinking

By David Cox

Part of Creative Thinking For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Mind maps, with their spidery shapes and multiple colours, are a familiar image these days. You can use mind maps in many situations from organising facts to thinking creatively.

Here’s how to prepare a good mind map to get the best outcome from your creative thinking:

  1. Choose good quality paper and coloured pens, with the paper in a landscape position.

  2. Start with a single image for your topic in the centre of the page.

  3. Draw branch lines radiating from the central image, using a different colour for each theme.

  4. Draw thick lines from the centre, getting thinner as you develop sub-branches. Curvy lines are more creative and memorable.

  5. Write your key words along the branch lines, one word or phrase per branch, keeping the branch the same length as the word.

  6. Illustrate your map with images.

The illustration shows an example of how your mind map might look after following these steps.