Using the Table of Joy to Help with Maths Problems

Part of Basic Maths For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

With many sums, you can break them down into a grid to make it easier to work out the answer you need. Here are the steps for doing a sum using the Table of Joy:

  1. Draw a noughts-and-crosses grid. It needs to be big enough so you can write labels in the rows and columns.

  2. Label the rows and columns with the names of relevant information from the question.

  3. Fill in the numbers relevant to each row and column, with a question mark for the square representing the answer you want.

  4. Circle the number in the same column as the question mark and the number in the same row as the question mark. Write these numbers with a times sign between them. Then write a divide sign followed by the remaining number.

  5. Work out the answer to the sum!