Rulers of Great Britain 1707–1801 and of the United Kingdom 1801–Present

By Seán Lang

Part of British History For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Act and Treaty of Union of 1707 between the Parliaments of England and Scotland created a Kingdom of Great Britain which consisted of England (which incorporated Wales) and Scotland. In 1801 the Act of Union, passed by the British and Irish Parliaments, created a new United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. After the 1922 Anglo–Irish Treaty this became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the name the country retains to this day.

House of Hanover

  • George I 1714–1727

  • George II 1727–1760

  • George III 1760–1820

  • George IV 1820–1830

  • William IV 1830–1837

House of Saxe–Coburg–Gotha

  • Victoria 1837–1901

  • Edward VII 1901–1910

House of Windsor

  • George V 1910–1936

  • Edward VIII 1936

  • George VI 1936–1952

  • Elizabeth II 1952–