Rebellions and Conspiracies against the Tudors - dummies

Rebellions and Conspiracies against the Tudors

By David Loades, Mei Trow

Part of The Tudors For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Rebellions and conspiracies against the Tudors were all unsuccessful, because many of the relevant grievances were of local concern only and the dynasty was pretty good at getting hold of most of the rebels. Following are the most noteworthy uprising and plots:

  • 1487: Invasion by Lambert Simnel, who claimed to be the earl of Warwick

  • 1494–1497: Conspiracies in favour of Perkin Warbeck, who claimed to be Richard of York

  • 1497: Rebellion in Cornwall

  • 1536: The Pilgrimage of Grace

  • 1549: Rebellions in Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire and East Anglia

  • 1554: Sir Thomas Wyatt’s conspiracy and rebellion

  • 1556: The Dudley conspiracy

  • 1569: Rebellion of the Northern Earls

  • 1571: Ridolfi Plot

  • 1586: Babington Plot

  • 1601: Rebellion of the earl of Essex