People of the Templar Order - dummies

By Christopher Hodapp, Alice Von Kannon

Part of The Templar Code For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Every organization has a chain of command, and the Knights Templar were no different. This alphabetical list shows the different people who made up the Templar Order and the duties they performed for the Order:

  • Chaplains: The Catholic priests within the Order.

  • Commanders of Knights, Houses, and Farms: Knights responsible for the specific operation of Templar holdings, under the Commanders of the Lands.

  • Commanders of the Lands: Administered Templar operations in the Holy Land regions of Jerusalem, Tripoli, and Antioch, which included castles, farms and Templar “houses” or Preceptories.

  • Craftsmen: Farmers, cooks, masons, smiths, and other serving brethren who performed the day-to-day menial tasks of supporting the Order. Some also took on a military role and were armed when needed (and were, thus, considered to be of higher rank), while others did not.

  • Draper: In charge of all clothing for the Order.

  • Grand Master: The head of the Order in both military and administrative matters. The Grand Master was elected for life and answered only to the Pope.

  • Knights: Noble-born Templars, groomed for battle.

  • Marshal: The Minister of War within the Order, responsible for coordinating all military action.

  • Masters: Heads of the Order within the provinces of Apulia, Italy; Aragon, Spain; England; Scotland; Poitiers, France; Portugal; and Hungary.

  • Provincial Masters: Located outside the Holy Land, the Provincial Masters were involved in the administration of the banking side of the Order, along with being European recruiters.

  • Seneschal: Second in command to the Grand Master.

  • Sergeants: Common soldiers who held a lower rank because of their lowborn status.

  • Squires: The young attendants to the Knights, who aspired to eventually become knights themselves.

  • Turcopoles: Turkish/Greek, Eastern Orthodox soldiers recruited as light cavalry or scouts, of lower rank than the Sergeants.

  • Under-Marshal: In charge of all equipment.