Diamond Jubilee Pub Quiz - dummies

By Julian Knight

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, test your knowledge of the Queen and the royals by taking part in a great British institution.

Each week, the UK is home to 22,445 pub quizzes! That’s a lot of questions but also a lot of fun.

Let’s get started!

Round One: Royal Family True or False

1. The Queen is notoriously careful with money and goes around Buckingham Palace turning off lights in rooms that aren’t in use. She also has a fondness for keeping leftover food — and breakfast cereal — in Tupperware containers.

Answer: True

2. Prince Phillip used to drive a black taxi cab around London when going on private appointments, but he would never pick up a fare.

Answer: True

3. Princess Beatrice is sixth in line to the throne.

Answer: False (She’s fifth in line; her younger sister, Princess Eugenie, is sixth.)

4. Anyone who’s a Roman Catholic or marries a Roman Catholic can’t ascend the British throne.

Answer: True

Optional bonus question: Which legal measure established this rule?

Answer: Act of Settlement

5. In a recent poll, 51 per cent of the British public said that they supported the retention of a constitutional monarchy.

Answer: False (Regular support for the monarchy is in the high 70 per cent range.)

6. The civil list – which pays the monarch a regular income from public funds – is set to be abolished in 2013.

Answer: True

7. The Queen’s reign has been so long that 11 prime ministers have served her.

Answer: False (The number is 12: Churchill, Eden, Macmillan, Douglas Home, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron.)

8. The Queen owns 8 per cent of all the land in Canada.

Answer: False (She owns 89 per cent, but can’t sell any of it because the Crown Land of Canada, as it’s called, is held in trust for the nation of Canada and the Queen.)

9. Prince Phillip wrote the rule book for the sport of carriage driving.

Answer: True

10. The one-off charity game show The Grand Knockout Tournament (or It’s a Royal Knockout) in which members of the royal family led teams of celebs and actors was broadcast 1997.

Answer: False (It was broadcast in 1987.)

Optional bonus question: Name the four royals who took part in the show.

Answer: Prince Edward, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

Round Two: Royals on the Box

1. Which female comedian co-wrote the BBC programme The Royle Family?

Answer: Caroline Aherne

2. The ‘Royal Rumble’ is a major annual event in which televised sport?

Answer: Professional wrestling (WWE is also acceptable.)

3. Who was the Bond girl in the film Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig?

Answer: Eva Green

4. Which British character actress plays the matron in ITV’s hospital drama The Royal?

Answer: Wendy Craig

Optional bonus question: What 1970s Carla Lane sitcom did this actress also appear in?

Answer: Butterflies

5. Which member of the royal family was given a producer credit for the 2009 film The Young Victoria?

Answer: Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

6. Which journalist conducted the famous interview with Princess Diana when she said that three people had been in her marriage to Prince Charles?

Answer: Martin Bashir

7. Which London theatre hosted the 2010 annual Royal Variety Performance?

a) Palladium

b) Coliseum

c) Dominion

d) Prince Charles theatre

Answer: a) London Palladium

8. What time on Christmas day is the Queen’s annual message broadcast?

Answer: 3 p.m.

9. The 1999 BBC drama All the King’s Men about the destruction of the Sandringham regiment during the First World War starred which famous British comedy actor in its lead role?

Answer: David Jason

10. Which suave actor played Jason King in the hit TV show of the same name?

Answer: Peter Wyngarde