How and When to Clear the TI-84 Plus Home Screen

By Jeff McCalla, C. C. Edwards

Because programs display their output on the TI-84 Plus Home screen, it is a good idea to have your program clear the Home screen before the output is displayed. This is done by inserting the ClrHome I/O command in the program before the commands used to display the output, as in the program in the first screen here.


When the Disp I/O command is used to display the program output, it isn’t necessary to clear the Home screen at the end of the program. After the program is executed, the calculator uses the next available line on the Home screen to evaluate any arithmetic expressions or to execute any commands you enter. However, you may end up typing over the top of text from an Output command after exiting the program.

However, when the Output I/O command is used to display program output, it is wise to have the program end by clearing the Home screen. Clearing the Home screen is necessary in this situation because the calculator may type over the Output item when you use it to evaluate an arithmetic expression or execute a command after exiting the program, as in the following.


Because you want to give the program user a chance to view any output before clearing the Home screen from a program, place the Pause control command before the ClrHome I/O command in the program.

Better yet, put the CLRHOME program in the first screen on your calculator, and have your program call it whenever you want your program to enable the program user to view the program output before the program clears the Home screen.


The second screen illustrates what happens when the prgm CLRHOME command is placed at the end of a program: The program invites the user to press [ENTER], and when the user does so, the program clears the Home screen.