Evaluate TI-Nspire Expressions in Multiple Ways - dummies

Evaluate TI-Nspire Expressions in Multiple Ways

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

TI-Nspire’s primary and secondary keys, application menu, and Catalog provide for a lot of power when working in the Calculator application. The combination of all the keys and menus also means you often have many ways to complete a task.

Earlier, you evaluated the expression log5 25. Turns out, you can evaluate this expression several ways. Here’s a list of these methods, in no particular order:

  • Press [CTRL][10x] to access the Logarithm template from a secondary key.

  • Access the Expression templates, highlight the Logarithm template, and press [ENTER] to paste it to the entry line.

  • Press the Catalog key and [4] to access the Expression templates through the Catalog.

  • Press the Catalog key and [1] to access the alphabetical list of functions and commands and then follow these steps:

    1. Press [L] to jump down to those functions and commands that begin with L.

    2. Use the Touchpad keys to highlight Log (and press [ENTER] to paste the command to the entry line).

    3. Complete the expression by typing log(25,5) and pressing [ENTER].

  • Type [L][O][G] using the alpha keys to open the same command found in the Catalog, and then follow step 3 to complete the expression and find its value.

Clearly, some of these options are more efficient than others. However, those who like choices should be quite happy. The many options also demonstrate the versatility of TI-Nspire.