Cut, Copy, and Paste in TI-Nspire My Documents View - dummies

Cut, Copy, and Paste in TI-Nspire My Documents View

By Jeff McCalla, Steve Ouellette

A number of options are available on the TI-Nspire to quickly edit or manipulate existing documents. Cut, Copy, and Paste can be used in each of the three document views.

You can access My Documents view in two ways — by pressing [ON]→My Documents or by pressing


twice from Full Page view (or once from Page Sorter view).

Perhaps you have a file that’s already been created. You want to keep that file as is but also want to copy it and edit it for a slightly different purpose. From within My Documents view, just highlight the file and press [CTRL][C] (shortcut for copy) and [CTRL][V] (shortcut for paste). A second file appears with the same name preceded by Copy of. You can then highlight the filename and press [MENU]→Rename to change the name to whatever suits you. Be careful, this technique won’t work with a file that is open.

You can cut ([CRL][X]), copy ([CTRL][C]), or paste ([CTRL][V]) any unopened file or folder from within My Documents view.