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English Language Arts Common Core Standards: Speaking, Listening and Language Anchor Standards

By Jared Myracle

Keeping your child on the right path to meet Common Core Standards can be tough. Knowing the anchor standards will help you understand the skills that your student needs to have in order to graduate from high school.

Speaking and listening

The anchor standards for speaking and listening center around the idea that college- and career-ready students must be able to effectively work in collaboration with others and to present information to audiences in various formats. Just like the reading and writing standards, these anchor standards are the result of skills developed from kindergarten through Grade 12.

  • Increasing comprehension and collaboration: The three standards in this section outline skills that require students to work with partners to develop, present, and receive information. This includes the ability to use various forms of media in presentations and to examine a person’s point of view and assess evidence and other information.

  • Presenting knowledge and ideas: These three standards focus on students’ abilities to present for various purposes and in front of audiences, using media and representations of data to make presentations more effective.


The anchor standards for language focus on mastery of the standard rules and conventions of the English language, stylistic uses of language, and skills relating to the acquisition and use of vocabulary.

  • Grasping the conventions of standard English: The two standards under this heading indicate the need for mastery and proper use of grammar and writing skills. The grade-level standards give more specific guidance on exactly what students should know.

  • Using knowledge of language: The one standard in this section deals primarily with how the use of language differs depending on the circumstances. Students learn to make stylistic choices for different audiences and writing purposes.

  • Monitoring vocabulary acquisition and use: The three anchor standards in this section focus on using vocabulary appropriately and determining its meaning. Some standards refer to vocabulary words used in conversations and in reading that are appropriate for the grade level. For more specific guidance on vocabulary usage and potential difficult words that may be encountered, contact your child’s teacher for guidance.