English Language Arts Common Core Standards: Speaking and Listening Skills

By Jared Myracle

To be successful in their personal, academic, and professional lives, and to meet the English Language Arts Common Core Standards, students must be able to listen and understand as information is provided in different media, including spoken words, images, and videos. They must be able to express themselves and their ideas clearly in speech and through multimedia presentations. The speaking and listening domain sets expectations for students in these areas.

From kindergarten through Grade 12, students participate in increasingly complex presentations. In lower grades, this includes consenting to and following rules for discussion in class and expressing ideas in a clear and understandable fashion. In later grades, students collaborate to set their own norms for discussion and present results from writing and research using various media, including audio, video, and slide-show presentations.

Reinforce speaking and listening skills at home early and often. If your child has trouble understanding what you tell her, consider having her repeat what you said in her own words. This challenges her to not only listen carefully but also to formulate clear and concise expressions and can form the foundation of the skills needed to meet the ELA standards.