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Common Core Standards: Grades 9-10 Writing Skills

By Jared Myracle

The Common Core Standards require students to become increasingly more proficient at writing as they progress in their education. The writing standards for Grades 9-10 focus on incorporating more detail from source materials, as well as describing various events, organizing information in a way that makes sense to readers, and making use of various parts of writing, including vocabulary and structure, to create meaning.

Here are some of the main components of the writing standards in these grade levels:

  • Argument: Students pay more attention to detail, accurately use evidence, and adjust their writing based on readers’ familiarity with a topic. They continue to work on organization that results in a sense of flow, ensuring that the manner and order in which they present information makes sense to a reader. Students continue to write objectively while presenting information and forming a conclusion that adequately reinforces their writing.

  • Information and explanation: Students use organization and their manner of presentation to support their explanations. This may include how the writing is formatted and how the student incorporates charts, graphs, and other visual aids.

    The standards continue to emphasize how well students develop information with specific evidence and explain how the major points they are trying to communicate are related to the evidence and resources they use. In writing conclusions, students use what they know from the body of their writing to make statements about the importance of the topic.

  • Narrative: The focus in Grades 9-10 includes developing a complex account (fiction or nonfiction) that includes multiple figures and story lines. One of the most difficult parts of writing at this level is keeping track of all of the components (such as the people and events). As such, students should pay significant attention to making sure their narrative develops naturally and in a way that is understandable to readers.

Students continue to build their research skills in order to answer questions, including a research question or hypothesis they come up with on their own. They also keep searching for, identifying, and selecting appropriate and trustworthy sources, evaluating those sources to understand which ones are best for their particular area of research.

With the increased reliance on research, properly formatting citations is a skill students continue to use in Grades 9-10. The standards indicate that students should apply writing skills in this grade band to the recommendations for literature and texts mentioned in the reading standards for Grades 9-10.