Common Core Standards: Grades 9-10 Reading Comprehension for Scientific and Technical Topics

By Jared Myracle

Technical texts can be difficult to understand. The Common Core Standards outline an approach to reading these scientific texts with an understanding that the information will be used in laboratory or project settings.

As students move into Grades 9-10, the classes they take in science and technical subjects become more complicated. Along with that, they encounter reading materials that are more and more complex and that require greater attention to precision and detail as they read and carry out procedures.

Take a look at some of the expectations for students in Grades 9-10:

  • Follow how something is described and developed with details over the course of a text.

  • Examine how significant concepts are organized in writing and how important words are related.

  • Along with determining the reasons why an author wrote certain information, identify the main question that was the author’s reason for writing.

  • Write a description of numerical or visual data in words and convert numerical data or written information into a visual display.

  • Determine similarities and differences between various sources, along with identifying which sources are supported by other texts or experiments.

To reinforce the attention to detail that is needed for reading texts in science and technical subjects in Grades 9-10, let your child practice summarizing the necessary steps in complex procedures. Using some of the reading materials he brings home from school, have him explain the steps in his own words. This can help remove some of the stigma of difficulty associated with lab and project-based procedures.