Common Core Standards: Grades 6-8 Reading Comprehension for Scientific and Technical Topics

By Jared Myracle

The Common Core Standards specifically address the reading abilities needed to understand technical texts in Science. Many of the reading skills for science and technical subjects are similar to those in history/social studies. One of the major exceptions is that students use these standards with texts that describe and explain complicated scientific and technical processes, so they need to take time to understand what they read.

Here are a few of the skills addressed in Grades 6-8:

  • Summarize a text objectively.

  • Carry out a procedure with several steps.

  • Examine reasons why an author includes certain information, such as details about a specific part of a text.

  • Use visuals to represent other forms of information, such as numerical data or descriptions.

  • Recognize whether conclusions are supported by evidence with a text or other forms of research.

  • Find similarities and differences between information gathered from reading materials and other forms of media.

Science classes in Grades 6-8 often cover a range of attention-grabbing topics, including the Earth’s physical processes, chemical reactions, and many interesting environments and creatures. There’s no reason science should be a boring subject for your child. Spend some time talking to your child about scientific topics that interest him and then work together to locate interesting reading material with which to practice his reading skills.