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Common Core Standards: Grades 11-12 Writing Skills

By Jared Myracle

The Common Core Standards are a progressive set of skills, culminating in the final years of high school. As the final set of writing standards for students in high school, the skills in Grades 11-12 pull together all of the components of writing from previous grade levels into a complex set of expectations. Take a glance at a few of the key aspects of the writing standards:

  • Argument: Students make specific, well-reasoned, and substantially supported arguments. Students’ writings also demonstrate the importance of organization for clear communication, acknowledge opposing viewpoints, and take an unbiased look at evidence that supports both sides of an argument.

  • Information and explanation: One of the added components in the standards for this grade band involves organizing information so that a student’s writing adds to, strengthens, clarifies, and/or supports previous sections. This includes using appropriate vocabulary and figurative language to support a potential reader’s understanding of the topic.

  • Narrative: Students continue to write complex accounts of events while capturing a reader’s attention, presenting the points of view of various characters and/or individuals, and developing the plot throughout the course of their writing. Students add to their abilities to write about events by writing with a specific tone. This may result in writing that evokes feelings such as tension or curiosity, depending on the events in the story.

Students in Grades 11-12 continue to use technology to distribute their writing, using a blog or some other type of website to post writing that can be changed based on remarks from others. The research skills used by students in Grades 9-10 are extended in Grades 11-12, particularly in terms of a student’s ability to use material from various credible sources without using too much information from a single source.

As with the previous grade band, students are expected to apply the writing skills in Grades 11-12 to the recommended literature and texts from the reading standards.