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Common Core Standards: Grade 7 Writing Skills

By Jared Myracle

The Common Core Standards require a detailed approach to the planning and writing process. In Grade 7, writing becomes even more detailed and requires a greater degree of planning. Along with a continued emphasis on details and the use of sources to provide evidence and supporting statements, significant attention is given to making sure students properly organize their writing for maximum effect.

Although this looks different depending on the type of writing the student is doing, the skills in gathering and organizing information are very much related. Here are some of the skills needed for writing in Grade 7:

  • Argument: Students continue to incorporate appropriate and legitimate evidence into their writing, along with recognizing different points of view that conflict with their own. Students seek to write with a sense of unity and flow by making sure sentences and paragraphs are organized in a logical manner.

  • Information and explanation: In their writing, students practice giving an overview of the information they will present and continue to focus on organizing content so that it flows logically as they present detailed information.

  • Narrative: While continuing to write about experiences and/or a series of events, students incorporate a point of view that contributes to the overall meaning of their writing. The organization of events and transitions from one part to the next continue to be important elements of writing, and students incorporate aspects of reflection into the concluding parts of their writing.

The expectations for students to edit and revise their writing continue in Grade 7. Students also evaluate their own success in accomplishing the original purpose of their writing. The use of technology in research, writing, and disseminating a finished piece of writing continues, but students are also expected to cite their sources and provide a hyperlink if possible (when putting written material in an online format).

Students in Grade 7 continue to use information from sources effectively and appropriately to answer research questions, while also using citations in a specified format. Students are expected to determine additional points of inquiry to study in the future based on the results of their original research.