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Tutor Feedback Is a Tool to Make Your College Writing Better

Your tutor should give you feedback comments on your work so that you know what to improve and how to improve your study skills to achieve it. You tutor should also have a record of their comments so that they can monitor your progress from one piece of written work to the next.

A copy of this information can help you to follow your progress as well and help sort out any problems or misunderstandings. Sometimes feedback comes in the form of a general impression comment on a piece of work. This is usually fine if your work is of an acceptable standard, but is probably of little help if you need to improve, because it is likely to be too vague.

If your subject area uses a feedback form, this gives a better idea of what you need to tackle and also makes it easier for both you and your tutor to compare different pieces of written work over time.

Name Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Suggestions
Answers question?
Refers to appropriate sources?
Use of sources
Balance between sources and own ideas
Reasoned conclusion
Use of charts, diagrams etc.
General layout, contents, page numbers etc.
Punctuation, paragraphing

The categories on the left refer to areas in which you need to achieve a level of competence. Overlaps exist within the categories, and the same problem may be identified under more than one heading, but the right hand ‘suggestions’ column helps with this.

Both student and tutor can see where more effort should be concentrated and where improvements have been made. If your subject area does not use this kind of form, you could ask your tutor to use this one (or something similar) to help you both pinpoint any problems.

The form makes record-keeping easier, and is also useful to refer to when you are writing a new piece of work, so that you can learn lessons from previous written work.