The Best Personal Qualities for Studying and Working in Business - dummies

The Best Personal Qualities for Studying and Working in Business

By Richard Pettinger

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Having the right character traits can often help you to study business more effectively and work in business more successfully. Make a note of the following personal qualities beneficial in business – they may come in handy during your education and career:

  • Commitment. Many problems in business come about by a lack of commitment to getting things done properly and thoroughly. So, whether you’re studying business or working for a business, do so with the determination to find out as much as you possibly can about everything.

  • Strengths and weaknesses. If you have particular strengths, then work hard to build on these. If you have weaknesses in a particular area, then take as much action as is necessary to remedy this. For the future, you are only going to be fully effective if you have a good working knowledge of every aspect of business, as well as expertise in some areas.

  • Go the extra mile. Of course, we all cut corners! However, as far as you’re possibly able, make sure that you put your maximum effort into every topic or project you work on. And if it is necessary to cut a particular corner at some stage, make sure that you come back to the particular subject and study and learn it in full at a later date.

  • Enthusiasm. Nobody ever lost a job for being too enthusiastic! You study business, and go into business, because you’re enthusiastic and committed. If your enthusiasm is genuine, it’s totally infectious! And enthusiasm, alongside expertise, is a very potent combination.