How to Knit the Foot - dummies

How to Knit the Foot

Once the gusset decreases are complete or waste yarn knit in, you knit the body of the foot. For a plain stockinette stitch sock, simply knit every stitch of every round until the foot length measures 2 inches less than the desired total length (approximately at the base of the big toe for adult socks).


Foot sizing is extremely variable, particularly foot length. Luckily, handknit socks are extremely stretchy and can accommodate a variety of sizes.

US Size Eur Size Sock Size Foot Circumference (in) Foot Length (in)
C 7–8 23–24 Child’s S 5.5 6
C 9–11 25–28 Child’s M 6.5 7
W/M 1–3 30–34 Child’s L 7 8
W 5–7 36–38 Women’s S 7.5 8.5
W 7.5–8.5 39–40 Women’s M 8 9.5
W 9–11 41–42 Women’s L 8.5 10.25
M 7–8.5 40–42 Men’s S 9 10.5
M 9–10 43–44 Men’s M 9.5 11
M 11–12 45–46 Men’s L 10 11.5

In a patterned sock, you carry the stitch pattern across the top of the foot but work the instep in stockinette stitch. You work the pattern stitch over the two needles holding the stitches of the top of the foot, while working stockinette over the other two needles.