How to Steam Dip-Dyed Skeins of Yarn - dummies

How to Steam Dip-Dyed Skeins of Yarn

The final steps to dip-dyeing your yarn is steaming the dyed skeins and drying them. You should end up with lovely multicolored strands to use in your knitting, weaving, or crocheting project. When steaming silk, be sure you monitor your temperature closely.

1Wrap each skein in its own sheet of plastic and roll each plastic-wrapped skein into a loose coil.

Try laying the skein in an oval with space in the center (so the colors don’t touch). Fold the plastic over both sides of the skein and press the plastic in the center to form a seal.

2Place a wire rack in the bottom of an enamel canner and cover it with an inverted Pyrex pie plate.

Add water to just below the level of the pie plate.

3Place each skein on the pie plate inside the pot.

Be sure the skeins have space around them and that they do not touch the side of the pot. You may have to steam half of the skeins at a time, to allow sufficient space for steam to circulate inside the pot.

4Bring the water in the pot to a simmer and maintain the simmer for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes, allow the skeins to cool inside the pot.

Monitor temperature carefully when working with silk. Do not let the temperature rise beyond 185°F. Higher temperatures will destroy the silk’s luster.

5Carefully unwrap the skeins and rinse them.

The best way to rinse is to use a sink full of warm water.

6Gently press out excess water and hang skeins to dry.

Be sure to avoid hanging them in direct sunlight.