How to Knit a Longways Multiyarn Stole - dummies

How to Knit a Longways Multiyarn Stole

By Pam Allen, Shannon Okey

This multiyarn stole lets a collection of beautiful yarns do the work for you — the knitting could hardly be simpler, yet the resulting multiyarn stole is stunning. (A stole is like a giant scarf that you use to wrap around your arms and shoulders.)

[Credit: Photograph by Mark Madden/Kreber]
Credit: Photograph by Mark Madden/Kreber

Here are this project’s materials and vital statistics:

  • Yarn: You need the following three types of yarn:

    • Yarn A: Divé Mohair Kiss Ombre (73% mohair, 22% wool, 5% polyamide); 98 yards (90 meters) per 50 grams; 3 skeins; color: 40377

    • Yarn B: Divé Fiamma (100% wool); 55 yards (50 meters) per 50 grams; 2 skeins; color: 40377

    • Yarn C: Divé Luxus (91% nylon, 9% polyester); 51 yards (47 meters) per 50 grams; 2 skeins; color: 40377

  • Needles: US 15 (10 mm) circular needle, 24-inch (60-centimeter) length or longer, or the size needed to match gauge (if you tend to cast on tightly, use an even bigger needle to cast on and bind off)

  • Other materials: Large crochet hook; yarn needle to weave in ends

  • Size: 16 inches wide by 65 inches long (40 by 165 centimeters), without fringe

  • Gauge: 8 stitches and 12 rows per 4 inches (10 centimeters) in garter stitch

Knit your longways multiyarn stole:

  1. With yarn B (the thick and thin wool), cast on 130 sts loosely.

  2. Knit 1 row. Cut yarn B.

  3. Follow this stitch pattern:

    Rows 1 and 2: Join yarn A (the mohair) and knit 2 rows. Don’t cut yarn A.

    Rows 3 and 4: Join yarn C (the ribbon) and knit 2 rows. Cut yarn C.

    Rows 5 and 6: Knit 2 rows with yarn A. Don’t cut yarn A.

    Rows 7 and 8: Join yarn B and knit 2 rows. Cut yarn B.

    Repeat these 8 rows until your stole measures approximately 16 inches (40 centimeters), ending with Row 7.

  4. Bind off loosely with yarn B.

  5. Weave in any loose ends.

  6. Cut 18 20-inch (50-centimeter) pieces each from yarn B and yarn C.

  7. Cut 36 20-inch (50-centimeter) pieces from yarn A.

  8. Divide the pieces of fringe into 18 groups with 2 strands of A, 1 strand of B, and 1 strand of C in each group.

  9. Stick your crochet hook through the edge of the work from the wrong side to the right side.

    Position your fringe every 2 inches (5 centimeters) along each short side of the stole.

  10. Grab the center of the length of fringe with the hook, and then pull through a loop of yarn about 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) long.

  11. Using your fingers or the crochet hook, pull the tails of the fringe through the loop and give them a gentle tug to secure them.

  12. Repeat Steps 9 through 11 for all 18 pieces of fringe.

    If you like, use scissors to give the ends of your fringe a trim.