How to Weave Yarn Ends into a Bound-Off Edge - dummies

How to Weave Yarn Ends into a Bound-Off Edge

When you’re weaving in an end at a bound-off edge that forms a curve, you can weave in the end in a way that creates an uninterrupted line of bound-off stitches. Use this technique where you’ve joined a second ball of yarn at the start of neckline shaping or on the final bound-off stitch of a neckband worked on a circular needle:

1Thread a tapestry needle with the yarn end.

Find the chain of interconnected Vs that form the bound-off edge.

2Insert the needle under the legs of the first of the interconnected Vs, and then take it back through the initial stitch.

You’re mimicking the path of a bound-off stitch. Remember to start at the V next to the loose end.

3Finish weaving in the end.

Run the needle under the series of V-legs along one side of the bound-off edge.