How to Unknit to Fix a Mistake - dummies

How to Unknit to Fix a Mistake

If you need to go back a few stitches or even a few rounds to fix an error, you can do so by unknitting, which is when you work backward and take out each new stitch and place it onto the left needle. This method minimizes the risk of dropping or losing stitches, especially in a complex stitch pattern.

1Identify the problem stitch from the previous round by looking just below the stitch on the right needle.

You make each stitch on the needles by drawing the working yarn through a stitch on the previous round.

2Place the left needle tip straight into the front of the middle of this stitch on the right-hand needle.

This places the stitch back onto the left needle.

3Remove the stitch from the right needle.

Leave the stitch from the previous round on the left needle.

4Pull the working yarn and it pops out of the stitch.

As you work backwards, you take yarn out of your knitting. If you go back a long way, wind your yarn back around the ball to prevent it from getting tangled.

5Move the yarn in front of the work when unknitting on a purl row.

When you need to switch between knit and purl in the same row, move the yarn between the needles accordingly.