How to Read an Intarsia Chart - dummies

How to Read an Intarsia Chart

With intarsia knitting, each color area has its own strand of yarn waiting, perhaps on a bobbin. Charts for intarsia patterns generally don’t show patterns in repeats. The entire design, whether it’s a single rose or a city skyline, is charted. A large intarsia pattern may take a page or more to display.

Follow an intarsia chart just like any other:

  • Start at the bottom right corner and work to the left on the first row, changing yarns as the pattern indicates.

  • Work the next (WS) row from left to right.

  • Use a magnetic board and strip to help you keep your place. Or grab a willing friend to sit with you and read the chart aloud — “3 red, 12 blue, 7 green . . .” — while you knit.

You can use this intarsia chart for practice.