How to Knit Dorset Buttons and Loops - dummies

How to Knit Dorset Buttons and Loops

By Mary Scott Huff

Knitted buttons (called Dorset buttons) and loops add nice finishing touches to the sweaters, purses, and other items you knit. Although they look complicated, buttons and loops are easy to make. You might want to add some just for decoration.

Knit a button loop

When spacing, the size of a closure, or garment construction won’t permit a regular buttonhole, button loops can save the day.

  1. Bring double-threaded tapestry needle out through edge.


  2. Make a long st, slightly longer than the diameter of your button. Bring needle through edge of work, then out again at beg of loop.

  3. Bring needle under base strands, from front to back, without pulling it all the way through.


  4. Pass needle through working loop.

  5. Pull covering st snug.

  6. Rep steps 1–3 until all base strands are covered. Thread tail back through last few sts to hide, trimming close to loop.


Knit a Dorset button

These inexpensive yarn-covered buttons are not only fun and easy to make, but also match your knitting exactly.

  1. Leaving a tail about 6″ long, cover a plastic ring with sts as for making a button loop. Once ring is completely covered, twist sts to inside of ring so bumps are on the inside and smooth wraps are on the outside.


  2. Wrap working strands around outside of ring 4 times, creating 8 spokes. Spokes will look even on front and uneven on back. Make a st around the center of the spokes, from back to front, evening spokes out on the back.


  3. Bring needle up to the left of a spoke, then down to the right of it. Now go up and down around next spoke to the left, and so on, counterclockwise.


  4. Cont weaving around spokes until they are completely covered. Tie off end. Weave in yarn tails.