Samsung Galaxy Tablets: Launch an App, Access Widgets, and Make Quick Settings - dummies

Samsung Galaxy Tablets: Launch an App, Access Widgets, and Make Quick Settings

By Dan Gookin

Your Samsung Galaxy tablet’s life isn’t difficult, as long as you know how to do some basic duties on the Home screen: start an app, access widgets, and work with Quick Settings.

How to start an app on your Galaxy tab

It’s blissfully simple to run an app on the Home screen: Touch its icon. The app starts.

  • Not all apps dwell on the Home screen, but they all appear when you display the Apps screen.

  • When an app closes, you’re returned to the Home screen.

  • App is short for application. It’s another word for program or software.

How to access a widget on your Galaxy tab

Like apps, widgets can appear on the Home screen. To use a widget, touch it. What happens next depends on the widget and what it does.

For example, the YouTube widget lets you peruse videos. The Calendar widget shows a preview of your upcoming schedule.

Other widgets do interesting things, display useful information, or give you access to the tablet’s settings or features.

  • Just like apps, new widgets are obtained from the Google Play Store.

How to make Quick Settings on your Galaxy tab

Many common settings and features for your Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab can be found atop the notifications shade. These Quick Settings appear as large icons.

To see all Quick Settings, swipe the row of icons left or right. Or you can reorient the tablet to a horizontal position. Touching the Quick Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen displays the whole lot of them.

To activate a setting, touch its icon. When the setting is on, it appears highlighted in green. Touch a highlighted setting to turn it off.

Generally speaking, any item that can be turned on or off — such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound, and so on — can be accessed quickly from a Quick Settings icon.