How to Move Files from Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet to Your Computer

By Dan Gookin

A good understanding of basic file operations is necessary before you attempt file transfers between your computer and the Samsung Galaxy tablet. You need to know how to copy, move, rename, and delete files. It also helps to be familiar with what folders are and how they work.

The good news is that you don’t need to manually calculate a 64-bit cyclical redundancy check on the data, nor do you need to know what a parity bit is.

How to copy files to your computer from your Samsung Galaxy tablet

My advice is to drag the files to your computer’s desktop, unless you know of another location where you want the files copied.

  • Files you’ve downloaded on the Galaxy tablet are stored in the Download folder.

  • Pictures and videos on the Galaxy tablet are stored in the DCIM/Camera folder.

  • Music on the Galaxy tablet is stored in the Music folder, organized by artist.

  • Quite a few files can be found in the root folder, the main folder on the tablet, which you see when the tablet is mounted in your computer’s storage system and you open its folder.

How to use a media card to transfer files from your Samsung Galaxy tablet

Another way to get files between a computer and your Galactic tablet is to use the microSD card. It can be removed from the tablet and then inserted into a computer. From that point, the files on the card can be read by the computer just as they can be read from any media card.

Remember, you can’t just yank out the thing! You also need a microSD adapter to insert the card into a media reader on the computer. Or you can get a microSD card thumb drive adapter, in which case you merely need a USB port to access the card’s information.