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How to Create Contact Groups and Designate Favorite Contacts on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

It’s possible to corral contacts into groups on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which makes it easier to send that group an e-mail, to chat via voice or video, or to perform a number of interesting group activities. The variety of things you can do depends on the apps installed on your tablet.

How to build contact groups on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

To build a group of contacts, obey these steps while using the Contacts app:

  1. Touch the Groups tab.

    You’ll see any groups already created, such as those associated with your Gmail account.

  2. Add a new group.

    If you see the New Group icon, as shown in the margin, touch it. Otherwise, touch the Menu button and choose the Create command.


  3. Type a name for the group.

    For example, type Friends Who Dislike Me.

  4. Touch the Save button.

    The group is created, but it’s empty. The next step is to add members to the group.

  5. On the left side of the screen, select the group.

  6. Add members.

    Touch the Add icon atop the screen to add members. If you don’t see that icon, touch the Menu button and choose the Add Member command.


    The tablet’s address book is displayed. Next to each contact you find an empty check box.

  7. Scroll your Contacts list and touch the box next to the name of each person you want to add to the group.

    A green check mark appears in the box next to each selected name.

  8. Touch the Done button.

    You see the group displayed, along with all its members.

To perform an action with the group, first choose it from the list of groups shown in the Groups tab. Press the Menu button and choose Send Message or Send Email. Then follow along with the directions on the screen, as well as elsewhere in this book, for completing your group message or activity.

  • To add members to an existing group, follow Steps 5 through 9.

  • To remove people from the group, display the group and long-press the contact you want to remove. Choose the Remove command or the Remove Member command from the pop-up menu.

  • Delete a group by long-pressing the group’s name on the screen. Choose the Delete command, and then choose Group Only. Touch the OK button to zap the group. Deleting a group doesn’t remove its members from the tablet’s address book.

How to make a favorite contact group on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

A favorite is a special type of contact group that consists of people you frequently stay in touch with, which doesn’t necessarily mean people you like. Making a contact a favorite places the person in the Favorites group, which isn’t really a group. Favorite contacts have their own tab in the Contacts app.

To add a contact to the Favorites group, display the contact’s information and touch the Favorite (star) icon by the contact’s image. When the star is gold, the contact is one of your favorites and listed in the Favorites group.


To remove a favorite, touch the contact’s star again, and it loses its color. Removing a favorite doesn’t delete the contact.

By the way, a contact has no idea whether he’s one of your favorites, so don’t believe that you’re hurting his feelings by not making him a favorite.