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How to Check Data Usage on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Whether you have a Wi-Fi-only Samsung Galaxy tablet or one that can also access the mobile data network, you can use the Data Usage screen to check Internet activity and even control how much data is sent and received. This feature is important to ensure that you do not exceed data limits.

To visit the Data Usage screen to see how much data you are using, open the Settings app and choose Data Usage, which is found in the Connections tab if your tablet’s Settings app features tabs. You’ll see a graph charting data usage over time.

Cellular tablets also feature red and orange limit bars, which you can adjust to set warnings when your mobile data usage gets too close to your monthly limit.

To review network access for a specific app, select it from the list. You’ll see an overlay of the app’s data usage, as well as a delicious pie chart. This lets you see which of your apps are using the most data.

If you notice that the app is using more data than it should, touch the View App Settings button. You may be able to adjust some of the settings to curtail unintended Internet access.