How to Add Shortcuts to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Home Screen - dummies

How to Add Shortcuts to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Home Screen

By Dan Gookin

Don’t bother looking: You won’t find a something called a “shortcut” to add to the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s Home screen. Older versions of the Android operating system had such a feature. Today, you apply shortcut widgets instead.

For example, say you desire a Bluetooth shortcut icon on the Home screen. You can use that icon to turn the Bluetooth radio on or off. Here’s how to add that shortcut, which is really a widget:

  1. Touch the Apps icon to visit the Apps screen.

  2. Choose the Widgets category.

  3. Choose the Settings Shortcut widget.

    It’s way over there on the left, although not every tablet may have this widget.

  4. Apply the widget to the Home screen.

  5. Choose an action for the widget by selecting an item from the scrolling menu.

    In this case, you could choose the Bluetooth item to create a Bluetooth settings shortcut on the Home screen.

The shortcut icon provides a direct link to a specific entry in the Settings app. So although the shortcut doesn’t turn something on or off, it quickly gets you to the screen that does so.

Another popular Home screen shortcut is a contact shortcut: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 but choose the Contact widget in Step 3. Continue working Step 4, but in Step 5 you choose a specific person from the tablet’s address book. To use the shortcut, touch the widget; you’ll see information about that contact.