Basic Smart Screen Tricks for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet - dummies

Basic Smart Screen Tricks for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

Some Samsung Galaxy tablets feature a slew of Smart Screen tricks. These tricks greatly increase your fear of the device by making it frighteningly smarter than you would otherwise think.

Ensure that the Smart Screen repertoire of tricks is active by visiting the Settings app. Select the Controls category, and then touch the Smart Screen item on the left side of the screen. You’ll behold four basic Smart Screen actions:

  • Smart Stay: This item directs the tablet not to dim the screen or automatically lock as long as you’re looking at the screen.

  • Smart Rotation: This item keeps the screen oriented in relation to your face. It’s perfect for watching movies or reading in bed.

  • Smart Pause: This item is used when viewing movies on the tablet. If you look away from the screen, the movie is automatically paused.

  • Smart Scroll: This item watches how you tilt your head, scrolling information on the screen accordingly.

Select the box by various items to turn them on. Some items may sport an on-off icon: Touch the icon to activate that item. You can then touch the same entry to make specific settings.