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4 Travel Tips for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

You may not a frequent flier, but it can be surprising how many gadgets you bring with you, including your Samsung Galaxy tablet.

For some people the most amount of junk to carry on a flight is two laptop computers and three smartphones. That may not be a record, but it’s enough to warrant some travel tips, all of which apply to taking the Galaxy tablet with you on an extended journey:

  • Take the Galaxy tablet’s AC adapter and USB cable with you. Put them in your carry-on luggage. Many airports feature USB chargers, so you can charge the tablet in an airport if you need to.

  • At the security checkpoint, place your tablet in a bin by itself or with other electronics.

  • Use the Calendar app to keep track of your flights. The event title serves as the airline and flight number. For the event time, use the takeoff and landing schedules. For the location, list the origin and destination airport codes. And, in the Description field, put the flight reservation number. If you’re using separate calendars (categories), specify the Travel calendar for your flight.

  • Some airlines feature Android apps you can use while traveling. Find those apps by searching for the airline’s name in the Play Store app. You can use the apps to not only keep track of flights but also to check in: Eventually, printed tickets will disappear, and you’ll merely show your “ticket” on the tablet’s touchscreen, which is then scanned at the gate.