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2 Apps to Use to Input Information onto Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

By Dan Gookin

There are tons of ways to input information into your Samsung Galaxy tablet and to find that information. Some of these ways involve typing, others involve using the sound of your very own voice! The second app discussed here allows you to find information by drawing on the touchscreen. Cool!

How to use the Voice Recorder app on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

Your tablet can record your voice or other sounds, and the Voice Recorder is a good app for performing this task. It has an elegant and simple interface: Touch the big Record button to start recording. Make a note for yourself or record a friend doing his Daffy Duck impression.

Previous recordings are stored in a list on the Voice Recorder’s main screen. Each recording is shown with its title, the date and time of the recording, and the recording duration.

Several voice recording apps can be found at the Google Play Store. The one by Mamoru Tokashiki is a good app to use.

How to use the Google Gesture Search app on your Samsung Galaxy tablet

The Gesture Search app provides a new way to find information on your tablet. Rather than use a keyboard or dictate, you simply draw on the touchscreen the first letter of whatever you’re searching for.

Start the Gesture Search app to begin a search. Use your finger to draw a big letter on the screen. After you draw a letter, search results appear on the screen. Touch a search result or continue drawing more letters to refine the search.

Gesture Search can find contacts, music, apps, and bookmarks in the Chrome app.