How to Configure Web Privacy and Security on Your NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

For the sake of your own confidentiality, please pay attention to the privacy and security settings on your NOOK Tablet. Privacy settings let you clear web pages, cookies, and history stored on a NOOK Tablet. The security settings menu will let you control password storage and digital certificate warnings.

The NOOK Tablet doesn’t have a bunch of security tools for Internet use. A clever Internet pirate may be able to get some of your personal information. Thieves are more attracted to laptop computers, but be cautious about the information you store on your NOOK Tablet, and about any information you type into the Internet.

  • Your first line of defense: Use tough passwords on any online accounts you visit and change the passwords from time to time.

  • Your second line of defense: Pay attention to privacy settings on the NOOK Tablet and clear out personal information (like cookies) on a regular basis.

How to access web privacy and security settings

To get to either web privacy or security settings, follow along:

  1. Start the web browser.

  2. Tap the Options menu.

    The Options menu is in the top-right of the address bar. When you click the arrow, a menu opens.

  3. Tap More Options.

  4. Tap Settings.

  5. Go to Privacy settings or Web Security settings.

    With your finger, drag the screen up, past Page Content settings.

  6. Choose among options.


NOOK Tablet web privacy options

You can get to web privacy settings from the web browser’s Options menu. Again, choose wisely (and conservatively):

  • Clear Cache. If you tell the NOOK to clear the cache (pronounced cash), it will erase information about sites you have visited. To clear the cache, tap the down arrow and then tap OK.

  • Clear History. To remove a list of recently visited web pages, tap on the down arrow and then tap on OK.

  • Accept Cookies. This is turned on by default. To turn off this feature, clear the checkmark. (Note that some websites may not respond properly if you turn off cookies.)

    Some websites send a marker, a cookie, back to your tablet to indicate that you have visited the site, and sometimes to indicate choices or specific pages on the site you’ve explored.

  • Clear All Cookies. To delete cookies, tap the down arrow and then tap OK.

  • Remember Form Data. Your tablet can store data you’ve already typed into forms: things like your name, address, and phone number. This is turned on by default. To turn off this feature, clear the checkmark.

  • Clear Form Data. To clear any stored form data, tap the down arrow and then tap OK.

  • Enable Location. This allows sites to determine your general location by figuring out the location of the WiFi router you are using. To block this, clear the checkmark.

  • Clear Location Access. Tap the down arrow and then tap OK to remove information about your location.

NOOK Tablet web security options

You can get to web security settings from the browser’s Options menu. Choose wisely.

  • Remember Passwords. If you tap to place a checkmark in the box, the browser will ask you if you want to store usernames and passwords for websites. (Not all sites let you do this.)

  • Clear Passwords. Tap the down arrow and then tap OK to clear all saved usernames and passwords.

  • Show Security Warnings. Tap to place a checkmark in the box to be warned if there’s a possible problem with a site’s security certificate.

In most cases, warnings about security certificates aren’t cause for concern. However, if you have any doubts, accept the warning as real and close the browser.