Visit the Amazon Appstore from Your Fire Tablet - dummies

Visit the Amazon Appstore from Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

After you register your Amazon account with your Fire tablet, you can start shopping for all kinds of content. Start with the world of apps. Apps provide you with functionality of all kinds, from an app that turns your Fire tablet into a star-gazing tool to game apps. You can find acupuncture apps, drawing apps, and apps that provide maps so that you can find your way in the world.

Exploring the world of apps on your Fire tablet

You can buy apps for your Fire tablet by using the Amazon Appstore. This store is full of apps written especially for devices that are based on the Android platform, including Fire tablets.

Android devices may have slightly different operating systems, and therefore not every app will work on every device.

Follow these steps to explore the world of apps:

  1. Tap the Apps button at the top of the Fire Home screen to enter your Apps library.

  2. Tap the Store button.

    The Appstore appears.


Apps can be addictive; just be sure you don’t glut your Fire tablet’s memory with free or for-a-price apps you’re not really going to use.

Swipe upward to scroll down the page to view recommendations for you in categories such as games or free apps. You can tap See More to reveal more apps in each category. Tap the Left Nav button in the top-left corner to display the Navigation panel. From here you can select categories of apps such as Games, Best Sellers, and New Releases.

Tap Browse Categories in the Navigation panel to see a list of all categories of apps such as Entertainment and Cooking; then tap a category to go there.

Searching for apps on your Fire tablet

You can have fun browsing through categories of apps and recommendations, but if you know which app you want to buy, using the Search feature can take you right to it.

To search for an app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap in the Search button in the Appstore.


    The keyboard shown here appears.


  2. Using the onscreen keyboard, enter the name of an app, such as Angry Birds.

    Suggested matches to the search term appear beneath the Search field.

  3. Tap a suggested search term to display a list of detailed results.

  4. Tap an app name in the results to see an app description page.

    The Product Info screen appears. Read the description and scroll down to read customer reviews or explore other apps that customers who bought this app also bought.

Buying apps

You can use your Amazon account payment option to buy apps, or you can use Amazon Coins, a feature that lets you buy apps and games with prepaid credits. When you use Coins, you can get savings in prices — as much as 10 percent. When you buy a new Fire tablet, it comes with 500 coins, which is about $5 in real money.

Whether you find something you want to own by browsing or searching, when you’re ready to buy, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the app’s Product Info screen, tap the Price button.

    Note that if the app is free, this button reads Free, but if you have to pay for the app, the app price (such as $0.99 or 99 coins) is displayed on the button. When you tap the button for a paid item, a dialog box appears with a link to Buy More coins (or use existing coins if you have enough) or purchase with your Amazon account 1-Click payment method.


  2. Tap the Buy Now button to download paid apps. Tap Get App to download free apps.

    A Downloading button appears, showing the download progress. When the installation is complete, an Open button appears.


  3. If you want to use the app immediately, tap the Open button.

To use the app at any time, locate it in the app library or, if you’ve used it recently, on the Carousel; tap the app to open it. Each app has its own controls and settings, so look for a Settings menu like the one for the Solitaire game shown.


You can also buy apps from Amazon on your PC or Mac. When placing the app in your shopping cart, be sure to select your Fire tablet for the device you want to download the app to in the drop-down list below the Add to Cart button. When you complete your purchase, assuming that you’re in range of a Wi-Fi network, the app is immediately downloaded to your Fire tablet.

To delete an installed app from your App library, press and hold it until a menu appears and then tap Remove. In the drop-down menu that appears, tap From Device. The app, however, isn’t gone — it’s still stored in the Amazon Cloud Drive, and you can download it again at any time by tapping it in the Cloud tab of the App library.