Use the New American Oxford Dictionary on Your Kindle Fire

If you swipe from right to left on your Kindle Fire Carousel, you find that the item at the very bottom of your Carousel is the New Oxford American Dictionary. Amazon thoughtfully provided this book to help you find your way with words.

In addition to being able to browse through the dictionary, when you press and hold a word in a book or magazine, a dictionary definition from the New Oxford American Dictionary is displayed. You can tap the Full Definition button to go to the full dictionary entry.

When you open the dictionary, you can flick from page to page; entries are arranged here alphabetically, as with any dictionary. You can also use the Linked Entries links to go to related terms from any definition.

As with any book, you can tap the Font button on the Options bar to adjust font size, line spacing, margins, and the background color of the pages. That’s about all there is to the dictionary, but it can prove to be a handy resource for those who love words.