Upload Your Kindle Fire HD Music to the Cloud - dummies

Upload Your Kindle Fire HD Music to the Cloud

By Nancy C. Muir

The Amazon Cloud allows you to upload music to your Kindle Fire HD from your computer; after you upload music, it’s available to you through your Kindle Fire HD Music library. Another way to add music to your Kindle Fire HD Music library is by buying it from the Amazon Music Store.

You can also transfer a musical selection or collection stored on your computer (the music you’ve bought through iTunes, for example) by using the Kindle Fire HD’s Micro USB cable. Any MP3s you’ve purchased online from Amazon are automatically stored in the Amazon Cloud. For items you’ve imported, the first 250 are stored for free.

Follow these steps to upload music to the Amazon Cloud:

1Go to the Cloudplayer on your PC or Mac and sign into your Amazon account.

The page shown is displayed.

2Click the Import Your Music button.

A dialog box appears, asking you to get the Amazon Music Importer.

3Click Download Now.

Follow the instructions that appear to install the Amazon Music Importer.

4After the Amazon Music Importer has been installed, click to authorize your device.

You see the Amazon Cloud Player dialog box.

5Click the Start Scan button.

If you’d rather pick the items to import yourself, click the Browse Manually button. The following screen lists the number of songs that were found.

6Click the Import Now button.

A dialog box appears showing your import progress. You can click the Pause Import button at any time if you want to stop the import process.

After you upload items to your Amazon Cloud library, they’re available to Kindle Fire HD on the Cloud tab of the Music library