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Top Kindle Accessories

Whether you want to accessorize your own Kindle or need a gift for a friend who uses a Kindle, there’s no shortage of ways you can add color, personality, and protection to a Kindle. The three most common Kindle accessories are protective covers, reading lights, and chargers.

Protecting your Kindle

The Kindle sales literature on tells prospective buyers how resilient the Kindle is if it’s dropped. That doesn’t mean you want to go testing the Kindle’s strength, however. It’s worth spending a few dollars to protect your investment, not to mention the Kindle’s clean white surface.

When it comes to protective covers, you can apply a clear vinyl cover called a “skin” to the front of the Kindle. Skins, like the ones available at DecalGirl, protect the white surface and the back from scratches and smudges. Unlike the skin in which the Kindle is wrapped when delivered, the skins you purchase have cutouts that leave the keyboard, speakers, and screen uncovered. GelaSkins are also a popular option for covering the Kindle. offers a basic, no-frills cover for the Kindle. It’s made of leather and costs $29.99. (Search for Amazon Kindle leather cover.) The nice thing about the cover, aside from the pebbled leather, is that because it’s so thin, it maintains the Kindle’s razor-thin profile. On the downside, there is no strap to hold the back and front together. The M-Edge Prodigy Jacket costs $45 but does include such a strap.

If you’re looking for something in between a skin and a full-fledged cover for your Kindle, check out the $25 leather “sleeves” for the Kindle from OCTOVO (search for Octovo sleeve Kindle).

Lighting up your Kindle

The Kindle is very readable, even in bright sunlight. But in the dark, you need some help because there’s no backlighting. One of the most popular Kindle reading lights is the Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light. It’s designed to attach to Kindle cases, and the Super LEDs are brighter than regular LEDs. The price is reasonable at $12.89.

Search eBay for Kindle light. You’ll find not only lights but the occasional bundle of accessories, such as a light and a carrying case for $12.

Charging up your Kindle

The capacity of the battery that comes with the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX is truly impressive. They’re rated at one week of reading with the wireless turned on, and two weeks with wireless off. But sooner or later, you’ll have to charge it up. Chargers aren’t hard to find for the Kindle, but make sure you find one specifically for your Kindle version.