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The Status Bar on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

The Status bar runs across the top of every Fire tablet screen, just like the Status bar on your mobile phone. This bar provides information about your device name, notifications, your network connection, your battery charge, and the time.


Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find on the Status bar:

  • Device name: First is the name of your Fire tablet, such as Nancy’s Kindle or Nancy’s 2nd Kindle.

  • Notifications: A number sometimes appears just to the right of the device name, such as 2, to indicate that you have that many Notifications. Notifications can come from the Fire tablet system announcing a completed download, or the email client announcing that a new email has arrived in one of your account inboxes, for example. To view all your notifications, swipe down from the Status bar, and a list appears.


  • Airplane Mode/Bluetooth: These icons appear on the right side of the Status bar when either Airplane mode or Bluetooth is turned on. The Bluetooth icon displays in a blue color when another Bluetooth device is connected.

  • Wireless: When Airplane mode is off, that icon is replaced by an icon showing your Wi-Fi connection status. If the icon is lit up, you’re connected. The more bright white bars in the symbol, the stronger the connection.

  • Battery charge: The battery icon to the right side of the Status bar indicates the percentage of charge remaining on your battery.

  • Current time: The item at the far right of the Status bar is the current time, based on the time zone you specified when setting up the Fire tablet.

You can swipe down from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings. Quick Settings offer the most commonly used settings. Use these items to turn the Auto-Rotate feature on or off (if it’s on, when you turn your Fire tablet the screen moves around in sync with its orientation), adjust screen brightness, set up your Wi-Fi connection, turn Quiet Time on or off in the smaller tablets, and turn on the Firefly feature in the largest Fire tablet.

Tap the Mayday button on the 8.9-inch Fire tablets to contact an Amazon tech advisor; tap the Help button to access Help options, including the live Mayday support feature if you own an 8.9-inch Fire tablet. To access the full Fire tablet Settings menu, tap Settings on the right of the Quick Settings bar.

To use Mayday, just tap the Help button and, on a Fire 8.9-inch tablet, tap Connect. In a few seconds (about 15 or so, depending on how busy the Mayday folks are), a small window appears in the bottom-right corner with the image of your tech advisor in it. Start asking questions and let the advisor explain, circle items on your screen, or even take over your device and perform procedures for you.