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Security & Privacy Settings on Your Fire Tablet

By Nancy C. Muir

The first thing you can do to keep your Fire tablet secure is to avoid letting it out of your hands. But because you can’t control everything, and sometimes things get lost or stolen, it’s a good idea to assign a password that’s required to unlock your Fire tablet screen.

If other people then get their hands on your Fire, they have no way to get at stored data, such as your Amazon account information or contacts, without knowing the password.

In Settings, tap the Security & Privacy option and you’ll see these choices:

  • Lock Screen Password: Simply tap the On button to require that a PIN be used to unlock your device. When you do, fields appear labeled New PIN and Confirm New PIN. Think of a PIN, fill the fields in, and tap Finish to save your new PIN.

  • Lock Screen Notifications: If you want to set a password and still be able to swipe down on the lock screen to view notifications before you enter your password, turn this setting on.

  • Credential Storage: Credentials are typically used for Microsoft Exchange–based accounts, such as an account you use to access email on your company’s server. If you use Microsoft Exchange, it’s a good idea to get your network administrator’s help to make the Trusted Credentials settings.

  • Device Administrators: If your device is being administered through a company Exchange account, use this setting to establish the device administrator who can modify settings for the account.

  • Encryption: To be extra secure, you can set up encryption of the data on your Fire. Encryption makes contents unreadable by anybody who doesn’t have your password.


Note that you can also turn on Find Your Tablet through the Device Options settings to enable Amazon to pinpoint a lost Fire. It does so using Location Services, a tracking system that can detect your Fire’s location.

To find your lost Fire, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your Amazon account on another device.

  2. Choose Manage Your Content and Devices in My Account.

  3. Tap the Your Devices tab.

  4. Select a device.

  5. On the Device Actions drop-down list, choose Find Your Tablet.