Search within a Book on Your Kindle Fire HD - dummies

Search within a Book on Your Kindle Fire HD

By Nancy C. Muir

Reading a book on your Kindle Fire HD sometimes offers convenience beyond portability. Want to find that earlier reference to a character so that you can keep up with a plot? Or do you want to find any mention of Einstein in an e-encyclopedia? To find words or phrases in an e-book, you can use the Search feature.

Follow these steps to search a book:

  1. With a book open, tap the page to display the Options bar, if necessary.

  2. Tap the Search button at the bottom of the page.

    The Search field and onscreen keyboard are displayed.


  3. Enter a search term or phrase and then tap the Go key on the keyboard.

    Search results are displayed.


If you’d rather search the web, press a word or phrase to highlight it and then in the resulting dialog box, tap the More button. At this point, you can tap either Search in Book, Search Wikipedia, or Search the Web.

The Search the Web option takes you to search results for the term in the Bing search engine, and the Wikipedia option takes you to the entry in the popular online encyclopedia that matches your search term. Tap the Back button when you want to return to the e-reader app.