Objects You Can Insert in WPS Office Word Documents - dummies

Objects You Can Insert in WPS Office Word Documents

By Nancy C. Muir

By using the Insert menu, you can add a variety of items in your WPS Office documents: Insert charts and graphs in spreadsheet files, and insert pictures, charts, and new slides in presentation files. Use the Insert menu in each type of document and then choose the object’s size or format.

For word-processing documents, for example, you can insert several items, including:

  • Pictures: You can choose among local files, photos, or pictures you take in the moment with your Fire Camera app.

  • Shapes: You can choose among three shape styles with common shapes such as squares, circles, stars, and arrows.

  • Manual Paint: Create free-form drawings with your fingertips in this simple drawing feature.

  • Tables: Create tables with specified numbers of rows and columns and select a style that adds color to the table cells.

  • Hyperlinks: You can link to a website by providing its URL, and add text to display in the document to represent the link.

  • Bookmarks: Display the page in the document you want to bookmark and then tap Bookmark to provide a quick way to access it.

  • Page Break: Tap in the document and then tap the Page Break button on the Insert menu to create a new page at that point.

  • TextBoxes: Tap this button to add a box and then enter any text you want within it. You can resize the box or move it around the page.

  • Header & Footer: Enter text, such as the author’s name or document title, that appears at the top or bottom of each page.

  • Page Numbers: If you want to enter a page number that automatically updates in the header or footer, tap the Page Number button.

  • Date & Time: You might enter the date and time in a header or footer or in the body of a document. You can also choose to have the date and time update automatically.