Kindle Fire Help & Feedback - dummies

Kindle Fire Help & Feedback

Now and then, everyone needs a bit of help, and when you’re first using a new device such as Kindle Fire, you should know where to find that help. When you tap Customer Feedback & Support from Settings, you see the Help & Feedback screen, which offers a world of help and allow you to interact with Amazon customer service.

The Help & Feedback screen includes three somewhat self-explanatory tabs: FAQ & Troubleshooting, Contact Customer Service, and Feedback. The last two tabs display a form in which you can type a message to send on to Amazon. Here’s how these three options work:

  • FAQ & Troubleshooting: Use this tab to get help with the following topics: Registration, Home Screen and Navigation, Books, Video, Docs, Web, Newsstand, and Other Apps. There is also a More Online Help link to connect you with additional Amazon resources.


  • Contact Customer Service: The first question you have to answer here is “What can we help you with?” Use the Select an Issue drop-down list to locate a related issue and tap the Back button.

    You can also tap the Select Issue Details drop-down list, choose a more specific topic, and then tap the Back button. Choose from the How Would You Like to Contact Us field by selecting either e-mail (tap the Send Us an Email button) or phone (tap the Call Us button).

  • Feedback: Tap Select a Feature and choose from the list that appears (items such as Newsstand, Books, Docs, and so on). Then, tap Back to go back to Feedback. Enter your comment in the Tell Us What You Think about This Feature field. You can also tap one to five stars to rate the feature you’re providing feedback on. Tap the Send Feedback button to submit your thoughts to Amazon.