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Kindle Fire HD’s Pre-Installed Functionality

By Nancy C. Muir

In several ways, Kindle Fire HD is easy to use, with a simple Android-based touchscreen interface, and it has a lot of functionality that comes pre-installed. Kindle Fire HD also offers a brand new version of its Silk browser, an e-mail client, calendar and contact apps, and an available Skype app, as well as the Kindle e-reader.


Here’s a rundown of the functionality you get out of the box from pre-installed apps:

  • E-reader to read both books and periodicals

  • Music player

  • Video player

  • Audiobook player

  • Contacts app

  • Calendar app

  • Cube Calculator app

  • Docs document reader for Word, PDF, RTF, and HTML format files

  • Silk web browser

  • Photos in which you can view and make a very few edits (rotate and crop) to photos

  • Personal Videos app for transferring personal videos to Kindle Fire HD

  • The IMDb database of movie trivia and facts

  • E-mail client (use this to set up Kindle Fire HD to access your existing e-mail accounts)

  • Integration for Facebook and Twitter

  • OfficeSuite for simple word processing and spreadsheet functionality


Check out the apps stored on the cloud (meaning that these apps are stored at Amazon, rather than being pre-installed on your device) by tapping Apps on the Home screen and then tapping the Cloud tab. Here, you may find a number of free apps such as a Wi-Fi analyzer (to check your Wi-Fi connection), free games, and more.

Kindle Fire HD gives you the ability to

  • Shop at Amazon for music, video, apps, books, and periodicals, and view or play that content.

  • Store Amazon-purchased content in the Amazon Cloud Drive and play music and video selections from the Cloud, instead of downloading them to your device. Amazon content doesn’t count towards your Amazon Cloud Drive storage limit (20GB), but other content backed up there does.

  • Send documents to yourself at a Kindle e-mail address that’s assigned when you register your device.

  • Sideload (transfer) content from your computer to your Kindle Fire HD by using a Micro USB cable that comes with Kindle Fire HD. Using this cable, you can copy photos, music, videos, and documents (Word or PDF) from any computer onto your Kindle Fire HD.

    Although the Micro USB cable is included with the Kindle Fire HD, the power adapter isn’t; you have to purchase the power adapter separately.

  • Make video calls using the free Skype for Kindle Fire HD app.