Kindle Fire Display Offers World of Color - dummies

Kindle Fire Display Offers World of Color

The display on Kindle Fire offers 16 million colors. The high-resolution screen makes for very crisp colors when you’re watching that hit movie or reading a colorful magazine. In-plane switching is a technology that gives you a wide viewing angle on the Kindle Fire screen.

The result is that, if you want to share your movie with a friend sitting next to you on the couch, she’ll have no problem seeing what’s on the screen from that side angle.


In addition, the glass screen is coated with layers that make it extra strong — 30 times harder than plastic — so it should withstand most of the bumps and scratches you throw at it.

Of course, you should avoid dropping your Kindle Fire, exposing it to extreme temperatures, or spilling liquids on it. The User Guide also advises that, if you do spill liquids, you shouldn’t heat the device in your microwave to dry it off. (Perhaps a case of tablet maintenance advice for real dummies?)

Note that Kindle Fire, although it has a screen that renders images crisply, is not a high-definition device. Although you can purchase and play HD versions of movies and TV shows, they’ll play just like non-HD media.