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Kindle Easter Egg: Play Minesweeper on the Kindle

If you’re a Windows user, you’re probably familiar with the Minesweeper computer game, and you may be thrilled (or not) to know that you can play Minesweeper on your Kindle 2 or Kindle DX. It’s an Easter Egg — that is, a hidden feature in the software that’s not obviously accessible by users.

Opening the game just takes a keyboard shortcut. First, press the Home button. When the Home page appears, press Alt+Shift+M.

Here are the basic rules for using your Kindle to play Minesweeper:

  • Use the five-way controller to move the cursor around the grid.

  • Click the five-way to expose a cell on the grid. A pattern of numbers appears, indicating how many mines are adjacent to the cell.

  • Press M to mark (or unmark) a grid square that you think contains a mine.

  • Continue marking mines until you’ve found them all

  • If you accidentally expose a mine, you lose the game.

  • To restart the game, press R.

At any time, pressing the Home button will return you to your Kindle’s Home screen.

While Minesweeper is open, press G to play GoMoKu, a kind of tic-tac-toe game. The Kindle is a pretty good GoMoKu opponent.

If you want to explore the finer points of using Minesweeper, type play Minesweeper in the Kindle’s search box. Use the controller to move the cursor to the right until the Google or Wikipedia button appears, and click to search for more information.