Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that you can press on your Kindle to perform various functions. Often, you can access these same functions using the five-way controller to select a series of menu options. But the keyboard shortcuts offer a convenient and faster way of carrying out commonly needed functions.

In addition to key combinations, you can enter shortcut commands in any search field. (To get to the search screen, press the Home button, press the Menu button, and then select Search.) You can see a list of those shortcut commands by entering @help in the search field. Then press the Enter key, which is right below the Del key.

To enter the @ symbol, press the SYM key on the Kindle keyboard and use the five-way controller to select the @ symbol — or any other symbol you need. You need to be in the process of typing text for the symbols to appear.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts and shortcut commands available for your Kindle:

To Make This Happen Do This
Show the time Type @time or press the Menu button (the time appears at the
top of the screen)
Display free memory Press the Menu button (free memory appears in the top-left
corner of the screen)
Capture a screenshot Press Alt+Shift+G (the image is saved as a .gif file in the documents folder, and
you can copy or view it when the Kindle is connected to your
Go to the Kindle Store Press Alt+Home button
Open the Kindle store with search results for book titles
containing keyword
Type @store keyword
Jump to a particular page on your Home screen Press and hold Alt, type the page number, and then press the
five-way controller
Go to the next article in a newspaper or magazine Move the five-way controller to the right, or press Alt+Next
Page or Alt+ Prev Page
Quickly search the Web from your Home screen Type your search terms, use the five-way controller to move the
cursor to the right, and then select Google as the search
Add a bookmark Press Alt+B
Play or pause an MP3 track Press Alt+spacebar
Advance to the next song Press Alt+F
Pause an Audible audiobook Press the spacebar
Start or stop the Text-to-Speech feature Press Shift+SYM
Pause or resume the Text-to-Speech feature Press the spacebar
Change the spacing and number of lines per page (the default is
Press Alt+Shift+number (where number is from 1
through 9)
Delete all text in the editing window Press Alt+Del
Refresh the display Press Alt+G