Immersion Reading with Kindle Fire HDX - dummies

Immersion Reading with Kindle Fire HDX

By Nancy C. Muir

Immersion Reading lets you buy the narration from an audiobook to go along with a print book you own. When you do, you can play the professional narration from your book, and text is highlighted as each word is spoken. This so-called Immersion Reading approach is supposed to help reader retention and plunge you deep into the reading experience.

To use Immersion Reading:

  1. Go to You can use your computer for this or your Silk browser from Kindle Fire HDX. These steps are based on using a computer without touchscreen.

  2. Click Shop by Department→Audible Audiobooks→Whispersync for Voice.

    A selection of books that are Immersion Reading–enabled appears.

  3. Locate the book you want to buy and click Buy or Buy with 1-Click, depending on how your account is set up.

    If you choose Buy, you are presented with a price button; click it.

  4. You’re asked if you want to buy the narration; click to buy the narration.

  5. From the Kindle Fire HDX Home screen, tap Books.

  6. In your library, tap to open the Immersion Reading–enabled book.

  7. In the screen that appears (see the following figure), tap the Play button at the bottom of the screen to play the narration.

    Each word is highlighted as it’s spoken.

  8. Tap the Pause button when you’re ready to pause the audio playback.

    Play the narration of the audiobook from right within your Books library.
    Play the narration of the audiobook from right within your Books library.

You can also download the free Audible app, and after signing in with your Amazon account information, download audiobooks from the My Library area of the app.